Help Needed!

Please help us if you can. The most needed positions are on top.

Please apply via EMAIL only at blankpapers [at ] yahoo [dot] com 


Position : Scan Cleaner, Typesetter
Projects : Shanimuni Go

1. Good photoshop skills. 
2. Able to finish editting 1 chapter (about 30 pages) within 1-2 weeks.


Position : Typesetter
Projects : Doubutsu no Oishasan

1. Good photoshop skill. Must have Adobe Photoshop.
2. Willing to follow our typesetting format. 
3. Able to finish editing 1 chapter (about 30-50 pages) within 2-3 weeks.


Position : Japanese->English Translators
Projects : Doubutsu no Oishasan, Shanimuni Go

1. A good grasp of both English and Japanese.
2. Willing to do quality work. (Proof-read the script yourself before passing it to the proof-reader.)
3. Able to finish 1 chapter (about 30-40 pages) within 4-5 weeks


Please apply via email at blankpapers [at ] yahoo [dot] com 

Do tell us which of our projects you read and wish to work on.

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