1. Why’Wingtip Cafe’?
- The name is from the little cafe in the manga by Nakayama Seika called ‘The country of flower-crowned dragons’. In the manga, the cafe was founded by the heroine’s great-grandfather who slipped into his own fairy tale book. So in a sense, it’s a place where imagination and reality meet.

2. What kind of manga are you scanlating?

- Shoujo, Josei, and Fantasy, especially the old ones (10 years+ since first publication). We try to do the manga that are not scanlated by any other groups yet.

3. What is the different between Thai and English section of WingtipCafe?

- Besides the language of the content, Thai section contains Mangaka database, Articles, and Miscellaneous information about Japanese Shoujo manga that used to published in Thailand 15+ years ago, while the English secion only focuses on providing scanlation.

4. Can I host your projects / translate them into other languages?

- Depends on the series. Please ask for permission in the forum.

5. What is the different between Tankoubon and Bunko version?

- In short, tankoubon is a standard size of a manga volume. Bunko is smaller in size but has more pages (See pic)  Bunko is usually a reprint version of the manga in a different format and contains 1.5-2 books of tankoubon (See pic). The content is mostly the same. Tankoubon may contain oneshots. Bunko may contain extra pages talking about the author and such. More on Wikipedia

7. Will you translate xxinsert_titlexx?

Depends. Ask us in the forum. But usually I pick the series that I like.  Also, we have no policy hogging authors. If any group wants to scanlate manga by the author whose works we previously worked on (Yachi Emiko, Makimura Satoru, Yuchi Yayomi, etc.), please go right ahead. I’d be thrilled =D

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